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Ms. Bobbie's Vision: The Origin of 'Special Tuesday'

Three decades ago, Ms. Bobbie had a vision to create a safe backyard play space where her grandson and his special needs friends could experience a true sense of belonging. Officially titled the “Beau Porta Special Tuesday” in honor of Ms. Blanchard's late grandson, the program continues to reflect her vision. Fueled by our deep affection for the program, the VA Board of Directors made a unanimous decision to add Special Tuesday to our Summer Program lineup.

Our commitment is clear: to consistently secure local funding and ensure the continuous availability of quality programming for our special needs community.

This summer program is proudly sponsored by BASF Corporation – Geismar, LA

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Special tuesday

The Special Tuesday program is all about food, fun, and interaction with individuals that have become near and dear to my heart. It’s an absolute MUST every summer, because I know it’s going to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

Arthur Scanlan III

Special Tuesday Volunteer

Ms Lynn and Scott

As a parent of a child who loves Special Tuesday, I'm incredibly grateful. He feels sad when he hears about the parade because he knows it’s the last week of the summer program and he may not see his friends again until the Christmas party. Seeing his friends, workers, fire trucks, and police officers truly brightens his day.

Mrs. Lynn Witmer

Parent of Special Tuesday Atendee

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